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Jason Wong takes gold in Men's Spear!

Dusty Schmidt takes silver in Female Spear!

Team USA!


Photos from Phoenix Chinese Week. Febuary 17-18, 2018  


World Martial Arts Academy presents:

Practical Method Workshop in Phoenix, Arizona
By Master Chen Zhonghua
January 20 and 21 (Saturday and Sunday), 2018

The workshop will focus on Gongfa (foundations) and Quanfa (forms in Yilu and Cannon Fist).

Workshop Venue: World...


Full event information here:

Competition season is coming and World Martial Arts Academy is offering its 2018 Annual Spring Training Seminar to prepare you for competition. This is focused for people who are interested i...


World Martial Arts Academy will be hosting another Spring training seminar in early 2018. This will be a three-day workshop geared towards preparing athletes for the upcoming competition season, as well as learning now forms. 

This will be a public event welcoming wushu...


World Martial Arts Academy completes another private seminar for only WMAA students with master Cheng Pingzhen focusing around internal styles, such as Chen Taiji Quan and Xingyi Quan. Thanks to everyone who showed up! 


Shi Yanti, 34th generation monk, from the Shaolin Temple in China visits World Martial Arts Academy to teach Shaolin basics as well as Da Hong Quan (大洪拳). It is our pleasure to be the only school to continually host real masters from China. Thanks to all who came out t...


WMAA hosted its annual three-day seminar on competition forms, as well as learning Fanzi Quan (翻子拳)

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